Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Computer system

       Computer system is an electronic machine (including combination of all functional components of a computer) that processes data and gives processed output as information to the user. hence, it performs some functions that are: input, processing, storage, output and controlling.
the functional components of a computer system are listed below:
# hardware
# software
# human ware
# firmware
There is certain difference between data and information that are:
    Data refers to raw facts (i.e. collection of numbers, images or characters) that are unprocessed whereas information is the meaningful output which are obtained by processing the unprocessed data. Thus, data are inputted by users for computer and information is the meaningful data that are provided y computer for us.
Let us have a brief description about the types of computer system.....
   There are many different types of computer system and the classifications are not definitive which means there is considerable overlap between the types and there are computer systems which cannot be fitted into any type. There four types of computer system. they are:
  1. Supercomputer- It is the largest type of computer that leads edge in terms of processing power and speed. this computer is mainly used for weather forecasting, quantum physics, physical simulations and so on. Examples: the Columbia supercomputer, the Tiahne-2, cray's titan, IBM sequoia bluegene/Q supercomputer , etc.
  2. Mainframe computer- It is the second largest computer which features security, extensive input-output facilities, and so on.This computer is mainly use in census processing, large corporate data processing , etc  Examples: IBM System 360, IBM System z10, etc.
  3. Microcomputer - It is the small scale computer which can also be called as PC (Personal Computer). This computer is used for the personal use. here, no any large tasks can be performed like of super and mainframe computers. Examples: Laptop, tablet-pc, netbook, IBM-PC,etc.

  4. Minicomputer- It is the smallest computer which possesses most of the features of  large computers but it is relatively small in size. It is also called mid-range computer. Examples: DEC PDP-8, DEC PDP-11,etc.          

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